About Us

About Us

Here at ARandall’s Best Pets, we are passionate about animals and your Pet (whatever your pet is) deserves the best, that’s why ARandall’s Best Pets are here. About Us

We hand pick the products we offer, making sure they are 100% safe for your pets, although some product we sell maybe suitable for your breed of pet, but it may not be suitable for your pet personality, our pets are all different and play differently to other pets.

Also at ARandall’s Best Pets we order stock on demand from our suppliers and with that in mind we do not need sizeable units to stock our products which means we can keep our prices low.

All our products are display at the RRP, but we offer Discount coupon codes to everyone, if you cannot see a code please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a code.

Our Story

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My name is Alex Randall and myself and my partner have 3 dogs, Gypsy who is our oldest and she is a cross between Corgi and Chihuahua. We tuck Gypsy in as a recue (as we recued Gypsy we don’t know her exact age, but we have a rough idea) , then we have Kiser he is a Pedigree German Shepherd and he is coming up 5 years old in 2022, Then we have our youngest Zarah. Zarah is coming up 2 in June 2022. Zarah is also a cross breed, and she is crossed between Jack Russell and Shih Tzu. We also have 2 African Grey Parrots Ringo and Barnie.

During the first lock down in 2020 due to COVID-19, we tuck to buying our pet supplies online, we found the products very overpriced for the quality we got and some of the Toys we brought for our dogs seemed unsafe. I then decide to investigate the wholesale market of pet supplies, I then noticed and after doing some calculations I could make Pet Supplies cheaper for the consumer ARandall’s Best Pets was then born. After planning and doing our reach, we launched our website & Store on the 5th April 2021.

At ARandall’s Best Pets we do not stock the products we sell meaning NO overheads for costly warehouses and meaning we can keep the product prices as low as possible. We do not currently employ staff but we hope to start offering employment opportunities in the future.

Our Mission

We are making it our mission to source the best quality products for your pets for the lowest price, weather the product is brand named or branded by us, you’ll have peace of mind that the Product is of the highest quality.

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About Us

About Us