Chicken Dog Beer 4-Pack Bottles – Snuffle

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Yummie Bottle Of Dog Beer Chicken Flavor – 4 Pack

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4 bottles of Snuffle Dog Beer Chicken

Of course, Snuffle is not a real beer: it contains no alcohol and is not fizzy.

Snuffle Dog Beer is made from the very best ingredients, which are also suitable for human consumption. Because only the best is good enough for your four-legged friend.

So your dog no longer has to watch enviously when you enjoy a beer, because he now has his own beer. Made from chicken meat, malt and barley extracts, it is a delight to your dog’s taste buds!

Snuffle Dog Beer will keep your dog hydrated all day long in a fun and tasty way. Snuffle Dog Beer is the ultimate invigorating thirst quencher for our best friend.

The delicious taste of Snuffle Dog Beer is due to the high quality of the poultry. Serve the beer at room temperature so the dog can smell the aroma. Don’t serve it too cold, as this can give your dog a tummy ache, just like cold water.

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